Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Secondary Prescription Drug Can I Purchase Secondary Insurance To Help With Costs Of Co-pays For Doctor Visits And Prescription Drugs?

Can I purchase secondary insurance to help with costs of co-pays for doctor visits and prescription drugs? - secondary prescription drug

My insurance (Basel Committee) in my work it is, told me that my husband who is unemployed, and my 3 years. It costs $ 200 monthly co-payments are $ 25 for the doctor to prescribe $ 10, $ 25 is $ 50 All 3 of us got sick and I had paid recently to a doctor for about $ 200 for doctor visits and medicine to be seen. Luckily, when he was a little more money, that's not the norm. I heard a nurse in my office pediatricians children of our state Medicaid covers my son to school, because we are in the group with low income. But my husband and I, it is a secondary insurance, you can buy, perhaps even one that is out of my check that the cost of co-payments and medication, if something has happened again?


Zarnev said...

Yes, you can create a defined benefit plan will reimburse you $ 30 for each doctor visit, up to 5 visits per year. In addition, you pay $ 100 per day stationary. It would help to bring the levy. The premium would be $ 45 to $ 60 per month, depending on their age. If your child would be added to the premium to about $ 100 per month. That may or may not be profitable for you. You can also use a savings account and save $ 50 per month on the account to ensure such cooperation.

You should contact your State Office for Medicaid, to see if you qualify for assistance for your child before it more than the cost.

sattp said...

it is likely that the total cost for insuring more than it would be for co-payments.

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